Losing Weight

Beyonce Loses 60 Pound

Beyonce lost 60 lbs after the birth of her daughter? That’s a BIG baby. It’s nice to see that she has gone against the trend of celebrities calling their off-spring by exotic names and has simply  called her little one “Blue Ivy”. Hmmm

Beyonce Celebrates 60-Pound Weight Loss: “I’m Getting Chocolate Wasted!”

“I am so sick of these celebrities and their BS. Some of them are okay and stay humble like Kevin Kostner and the like. I also noticed that a lot of hip/hop and R&B artists don’t support the troops like the country music industry does.Us Magazine”


Well in all seriousness she has gone about her business of shedding the pounds in a business like way and good for her, will pig out on chocolate for a while. Happy days…