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Best Weight Loss Exercises Without Entering a Gym

It is widely believed that doing exercises in conjunction with a diet program is the most effective way to shed unwanted pounds from the body however weight loss exercises needn’t have to take place at the gym with all the accompanying stressful machines and activities.
You can perform your regular weight loss exerices within the convenience of the home.Is Walking The Best Weight Loss Exercise

Simple household jobs can be undertaken that can replicate the activities that you have to pay for at the gym. So here we have some jobs that can be done to help you lose weight simply and with a positive impact on your weight loss program.

Surprisingly a clean and dust of the house can burn around 150 calories an hour so make it a regular regime and view the activity as a useful weight loss exercise that you fit into fixed periods within the week, rather than a chore and you will see the benefits.

You’ll also find that your metabolism increases so that even when you have stopped calorie burning will still be taking place and you’ll be surprised how much more energy you have in the longer term. Of course you’ll not only have a spotlessly clean house but also save money on gym membership.

If you want to lose weight really fast then you’re going to need a very large house but steadily and quietly the weight will fall off.

I have found the most effective weight loss exercises, for me has been to include running in some form or other; not only that but consistently it has meant that I can eat almost anything I fancied and still manage to stay in touch with my goal weight.

But running doesn’t come naturally to everyone and it can take a lot of determination and patience for the routine of running to become second nature let alone be enjoyable.

Fortunately, early on I managed to get over the negatives of consistent runs and have largely enjoyed getting out there although there is no doubt that the constant pounding is bad in the long term for the body especially as you get older and it doesn’t respond like it used to.

So if you never see yourself actually ever enjoying running the next best thing, for me anyway, is walking. But walking at a pace that is not quite comfortable, where you feel some effort in breathing.

There is some evidence that points to this form of weight loss exercise to be AS effective as steady running and it’s only a matter of the time it takes each exercise that differentiates the results. So a 5 mile run might take 45 minutes as opposed to a 5 mile walk at a brisk pace which may take 80.

For some people 80 minutes is a long time out of the day but don’t forget the brisk walking can be incorporated into more daily activities like trips to the shops.

When you think about it calories are not shed like unwanted layers of clothes but calories are a measure of energy that we all need for all our body functions from the production of enzymes and our brains thought processes to the more obvious movement of limbs, hands, head etc.

So whatever age and capacity there should be a series of movements that you can devise and adapt – or can be gleaned from the library or internet – that you enjoy and can repeat regularly during the week, say 3 or 4 times to start off with.

I would base these weight loss execises on known systems like pilates or one of the many forms of yoga that can be as light or as vigorous as you choose but they will provide a effective way to lose weight without suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous gym fees.

I said earlier that I could eat virtually what I liked whilst doing around 50 miles a week and that could include  junk food although I never felt that much of an urge. It seems that when committing to regular feel-good aerobic weight loss exercises you seem to naturally feed the need.

In other words the body tells you what it fancies and it knows best so the old adage “listen to your body” is true in terms of diet and also in terms of rest.

Whatever weight loss exercises you decide upon it is of the utmost importance to make it a regular and consistent activity and if necessary you can adapt it as you go for added variety and enjoyment.