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A Healthy Detox Diet?

Friday, February 23, 2018

“Detox Your Body, Lose Weight, Look And Feel Great With Tons of Energy”

Over the years has your weight fluctuated like a weather barometer or is it stuck on an elevator, going up?
Does each new diet blur into the last unsuccessful attempt?
Would you like to, not only lose weight but benefit from an increase in energy whilst looking and feeling like never before?

Overweight-woman image Time To DetoxifyYou are certainly not alone as around 45 million Americans look to go on a diet of some sort each year. 70% of Americans are overweight, 35% of which are classified as obese.

Those overweight or obese in almost all cases have health risks and weight problems contribute to rising diabetes rates, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and other debilitating chronic illnesses.

So for many on diets, their medical practitioners have told them to lose it or abuse it – in other words slim down, eat healthy or your quality of life will be lessened and almost certainly shortened.

Energized woman after dietary detox

Everything seems to get harder as you get older so starting a new diet plan as soon as you can to maintain a normal weight ratio means that sustaining the good work as you age will be a doddle.

Anyone who has made the decision to change their lifestyle through their eating habits is a winner!! Maintaining a positive attitude is important on the hunt for the prize especially as you get constantly battered by evil temptation. Let’s face it good intentions do fade and it only takes one stressful event to happen and the only way of managing the crisis is by eating gargantuan quantities of cake.

The Glowing Lean System

Here, celebrity nutritionist Kimberley Snyder, explains her successful philosophy.

Advantages of the Glowing Lean System

  • Works quickly. You’ll notice changes in how you feel and look within days…
  • Is 100% natural. No drugs, it doesn’t depend on expensive supplements, no complicated formulas…
  • Is cost-effective. I’ll show you how to do it on just a few dollars-a-day.
  • Covers everything. With this one process, you’ll optimize your weight, tone your body, improve your digestion, multiply your energy, boost your mood, make your skin glow and so much more…
  • You go at your own pace. There’s no rush, and you can adjust the program to suit your lifestyle…
  • And lastly, the process is easily sustained. You’ll eventually forget you’re even on a “program” as your body becomes clean and becomes in tune and aware of your body’s natural rhythms.

So if you’re feeling  out of sorts, maybe a little overweight, hair dull and you’ve lost that vitality that you once had I would highly recommend this program if it’s still available. I know Kimberley Snyder was thinking of making this a limited offer so who knows – perhaps she’s too busy consulting to the stars. 😀
Learn more here

Is A Detox Diet Plan Right For You?

The term detox or detoxification is often used to mean ‘juice fasting’ or in extreme examples, just living on water and air, both of which are dangerous especially in the latter case because, hello! there aren’t any nutrients in water or air and our bodies need a consistent, diverse of nutrients for cell growth and just about every bodily system. This is definitely not the way to go.

Here the emphasis is on eating correct but delicious food without the craving for more, whilst still achieving a cleansing of the digestive and all other systems. 

Scientific proof has not concluded one way or the other whether in fact, toxins are removed from stored fat deposits into the blood and released via the sweat glands, breath and all other normal excretory devices, but there is no doubt that going on a healthy detox diet causes the body to burn stored fats by the process of ketosis enabling a consistent and long term reduction in weight. Civilizations were aware of and have been using this method since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

A healthy detox diet means you still have all the nutrients that you need for living an energetic life but you avoid all the toxin laden foods that our modern day food processing systems have devised, more in the interest of corporate profits and playing on our in-built persuasion towards a ‘quick fix’ of fats and sugars, than on the health of, us, the consumers.

Have you noticed that simply counting calories doesn’t work for everyone. We’re all different but there are certain foods that truly benefit your body and knowing how to prepare them and even how to optimally eat them can be beneficial to everyone who has made that first step of wanting to be more healthy, have more energy, better skin & hair… oh and slim down. 

Healthy Detox Diet image

I know for a fact the stunning results that can be achieved if you apply yourself to a regime.

I decided, not to go on a detoxification program although it was by any other name – it was actually a retreat but the dietary regime turned out to be a detox diet plan.

At first I thought the food was sparse but amazingly the body became used to it. I was there for 9 days and lost 10 lbs although that wasn’t the best part. The best part was the way I felt.

I had always had what felt like a twisted gut, my stomach always felt bloated and on the move but after just a few days, not only was it flatter but also felt good on the inside.

When I returned home I was showered in compliments as to how well I looked, hair, skin eyes, just about everything had life and vigour.

So I was hooked and it felt pretty straight forward to carry on, with a few chocolate modifications, with my care over the foods I had been taught to concentrate on and the ones to avoid.

Just imagine waking up in the morning feeling so energized and ready for whatever the day was to bring – that was my biggest joy. But I also loved being able to eat loads, never feeling hungry and still lose weight.

Now I won’t disclose how much this retreat cost but it was A LOT!

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More energy after a detox planned diet - image

Author – Belinda Sweet