Losing Weight

A Few Safe Liquid Weight Loss Diets

Liquid diets are the fastest ways to attain weight loss. When you totally forbid solid foods, there will be a drastic cut in the calorie intake. Though it is highly beneficial in attaining quick weight loss, there are some drawbacks by following a liquid diet.

Nutritional deficiencies occur and also health problems like constipation, due to the absence of fiber. If you intend to follow a liquid diet for weight loss, it is recommended to follow a medically supervised liquid diet plan. By following such a diet, your body will be provided with all essential nutrients, while losing weight in a safe way.

Liquid Weight Loss Juice

You can achieve losing 1 or 2llbs a week if you’re strict and a liquid diet can also help to detoxify your body.

The excretion of the toxins will also lead to  a little loss in weight. Subsisting on a liquid diet entirely is not suitable for everyone.

For those clinically diagnosed as obese or morbidly obese and for those intending to undergo weight loss surgery and people recovering from Bariatric surgery it may be a good option but as always check with your medical practitioner first.

For most people it is generally not suitable for more than a couple of days and so is considered unadvisable to follow such a regime of diets using just liquids on a long term basis.

For the slightly overweight resorting to a liquid diet for long there may be side effects especially of excessive fatigue due to nutritional deficiencies, lack of fiber etc.

If you are intent on following a liquid diet to achieve weight loss, you have two options; strict liquid diets and extended cleansing diets.

  • Strict liquid dietBy following this type of diet, your intake is restricted to purified water, broth, tea, popsicles, strained fruit juice and clear soups.
  • Extended Cleansing DietsIn this type of liquid diet, you also consume foods which are higher in proteins and calories, but they too aid in weight loss. A few such foods include unprocessed goat milk, low fat ice-cream and organic maple syrup. By consuming such foods the nutritional deficit caused by following a liquid diet is compensated for.

High Protein Liquid DietFollowing this diet helps to increase your protein intake in the form of protein shakes and smoothies which are low in calories. It is a known fact that increased protein intake builds muscle and the more muscle a body has, the more fat it burns.

If you want to lose weight, while remaining healthy, try the high protein liquid diet – go here first to check out some useful facts about this particular form of the diet.

You can add whey, a rich protein source to water or juices and use it as a good recipe for weight loss. Always check with your medical practitioner first.

Master Cleansing DietAccumulation of toxins also leads to weight gain. It’s often thought a good idea to “detoxify” the body periodically. This dietary plan detoxifies the body by eliminating solid foods and ingesting a mix of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water for 10 continuous days.

It is feasible that by following a liquid diet, you can reduce your calorie intake quite dramatically and therefor achieve quick weight loss and detoxify your body at the same time.

Before embarking on a liquid diet, check your BMI and your other health parameters. Cross check with your family physician and ensure regular monitoring.